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November 21, 2017 Holiday Wreaths

Holiday Wreaths

Today I’m working on pinecone wreaths from locally sourced (family property) and harvested (by me!) pinecones. Found a SUPER simple how-to here:

I have modified these instructions SLIGHTLY at Step 7.  Instead of letting the wreath dry for EIGHT DAYS (yeah – I’m usually working to an unbelieveable deadline!) I put the wreath in the oven. Here are my Step 7 instructions:

  1. Remove one rack from the oven putting the remaining rack on the bottom level.
  2. Put a disposable aluminum oven liner matt on the shelf.
  3. Pre-heat the oven to 200F
  4. Put the wreath on the oven liner.
  5. Let the wreath warm for about two hours.

The results are AMAZING as shown in the photo.

The larger 14″ wreath form is a little harder to fit in to the oven – especially if the “large” ring of cones is on the outer edge. The cones closest to the oven door were slightly skewed but straightened right back out once the finished wreath was removed from the oven.

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